Hello, I send you a photo of Artemki and his mother. Artemka"s mother the orphan, was brought up in a boarding school. When Artemka was 6 months old, him have taken away from mother to the house of the baby as she had no conditions for accommodation of the child. We have helped it to create conditions. Have taken away Artemka from the house of the baby. Now they together. Thanks to you, to Artemka Saint Nicholas came with gifts , they had real Christmas holidays. Now Artemka with mother are in our hospital. Thanks to you he has everything. Both the clothes and food and fruit and candies and the most important we can buy for them medication. I very grateful to you for the given help. Once again a lot thanks to you and all kind people who helped us.

We cannot fail to remember you and to say thank you so much for providing your help. We now have in the Department a newborn refusenik. Thanks to you, this child has good food, diapers, clothes.

On the eve of a big holiday on feeling of deep pleasure and from the heart we congratulate you with Pasha.We wish you execution of all of your hopes and good undertakings, the world, good and love. Christ is Risen!!!!!